We are a practical ‘Hands On’ friendly group.  We meet on the last Saturday afternoon of each month either. in person. or online. Each month we take a topic, one of our more experienced members or a tutor will lead us through the topic.  As we are a group made up of people with a variety of experiences it is always amazing to see how different people interpret topics.  There are always wonderful examples to see and it is always surprising to see how one topic can be used in many ways.  Have a look at our gallery to see a selection of images. New members are always welcome.

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for more information about any of our events please email: blackheathembroiderersguild@gmail.com 

8 Responses to About

  1. Sonia cusacck says:

    I have managed to find this and must say great stuff

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wendy rigg says:

    Does this group still exist


  3. sjhardy28 says:

    Yes we meet in Blackheath on the last Saturday of the month. We are doing smocking today. Feel free to come and join us!


  4. Jan says:

    What do we need to bring


  5. Anne Hart says:

    Is your group still in existence?


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